Christmas Lights switch on events 2019 - Full Production

Christmas lights switch on near me

Outdoor stage

This stage model can be easily set up within 1 hour by two of our stage technicians..
The sophisticated technology is accompanied by the fast, simple and safe handling. In addition, optional PA wings and hanging extensions round off this complete package.

Audio production

Working along-side our parent company, Cannock Sound Hire, we offer the latest in waterproof PA systems suitable for events of any size. Including local groups & choirs in your event will also bring more footfall. A great opportunity to promote local Christmas pantomime acts.

Lighting Production

We have the latest in intelligent lighting with full control.  Carefully programmed lighting sequences can help create and amazing atmosphere during countdowns.

Power & Distribution

Where hard wired power is not available, a super silent generator is the only option. We can supply these generators which we will be pre-configured for your event.

An event for all the community

Christmas Lights switch on events are an amazing and exciting tradition that is celebrated around the UK by people of all ages.. They bring together people of all race & religions by celebrating the spirit of Christmas and the happiness it brings. Depending upon the location of the event, they can attract many thousands of local people, bringing increased footfall to your village, town or city.

Local Business Promotion

This increased footfall is a perfect opportunity for local businesses to bring their brand to the local community which they serve.  Through sponsorship and marketing, the event can be self funded.  We can assist with details of how our stage can be branded and offer CAD images of how sponsors banners would look during the event.

Local music groups, acts & choirs

Our production services extend to providing all microphones, stands, cables etc for almost any act you book for your event. From local school choirs, to celebrities, we can provide the correct equipment for them all. Encouraging school choirs to sing on a professional stage with sound and lighting as they would see at a large concert, gives the children confidence to perform in front of an audience.
We have the very latest in digital wireless microphones, digital mixers, LED lighting etc. Our trained sound & lighting engineers will assist you ahead of the event with any technical planning aspects. 

Local Radio Stations & Pantomimes

Your event is an ideal opportunity for local radio stations & pantomime acts to promote themselves in front of local people. With strong branding, radio stations improve their identity and have jingles playing throughout the event. Local pantomime acts will often be willing assist with the hosting of these events, thus promoting sales for their theatre performance.

Health & Safety

We are proud of our high level of health & safety at events and non more so than at Christmas Lights switch on’s. Unlike many other production companies, we do not lay cables/cable ramps where people will be standing or passing as we operate all of our equipment wirelessly. All technical equipment is located at the side of the stage in our purpose production marquee, away from any danger. Our sound and lighting engineers will blend in with the crowd and operate all controls from where the audience will be watching and listening. This saves on set-up times and is a giant leap forward for health & safety.

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We are available for Christmas Lights Switch on events in Wolverhampton 2018 , Lichfield 2018 , Stafford 2018, Birmingham 2018, Walsall 2018 , JQ 2018 , Sutton Coldfield 2018 , West Bromwich 2018 , Worcester 2018 , London 2018 , 

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