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Induction Loop System Hire & Rental

Induction Loop System

Portable induction loop system rental

Hearing impairments impact a lot of people in the work place, at home or out in public, and the frustrating thing is not everywhere has a hearing loop to assist people with hearing aids when they want to have a conversation.
An induction loop works by transmitting an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field; they greatly reduce background noise, competing sounds and other acoustic distortions that reduce the clarity of sound.

Our portable induction loop kit is convenient to have on hand in the work place as you don't know when you will need to speak to someone who uses a hearing aid. These devices will help focus the sound to a person's hearing aid allowing you to have a clear conversation. They are ready to use, all you have to do is plug them in; they are ideal for counter, table or desktop use. The device generates a loop listening field of approximately 1.2m²

Ready to use - plug and play.

Ideal for counter, table or desktop use.

Generates a loop listening field of approx. 1.2m²

Includes amplifier, charger, sticker, battery, integral microphone

£10 per day / £30 per week + delivery & VAT

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What are induction loop systems?

Induction loop systems help hearing impaired people who use a hearing aid or loop listener to hear sounds more clearly by reducing or cutting out background noise. An induction loop is a cable that circles the listening area. It is fed by current from a loop amplifier. The amplifier gets its signal from a microphone placed in front of the person speaking or by means of a direct connection from another sound source, such as a sound system. The resulting electric current in the loop produces a magnetic field, which corresponds to the sound. You can then pick up this magnetic field if you are sitting within the area of the loop and your hearing aid - or loop listening aid - is switched to 'T'. You will need to adjust your own hearing aid for volume. More than one person can benefit from a loop installed in a room as long as they each have a hearing aid set to 'T', or a loop listener. You are not wired to any other equipment and you are therefore free to listen from anywhere within the loop and to move around.

What is the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995?

The UK Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 1995 aims to stop discrimination against disabled people, including people who are deaf and hard of hearing in the workplace, in education& when accessing goods and services.
Employers must not discriminate against their deaf and hard of hearing employees and potential employees. In particular, they must ensure that their staff is not placed at a substantial disadvantage as a result of their hearing loss, for example, by not being able to hear what is being said in an interview or a staff meeting room. You could overcome this by providing an induction loop in the meeting room or a small portable loop for the one-to-one interview. This would be a reasonable adjustment.

Making adjustments and taking reasonable steps
The Disability Discrimination Act says that service providers may not discriminate against a deaf or hard of hearing person by refusing to provide a service or offering a service of a lower standard or on less favourable terms, on the grounds of their hearing loss. Service providers must also make adjustments to the way in which they provide goods or services to enable deaf and hard of hearing people access to them.
The Disability Discrimination Act requires service providers to make changes to their services to ensure that disabled people can make use of them. Service providers must do this if, without these changes, it is impossible or unreasonably difficult for a disabled person to access the service.
The effect of a service provider’s practices, policies or procedures (the way it provides it's services) may make it impossible or unreasonably difficult for a disabled person to use it's services. If this happens, the service provider must alter these practices, policies or procedures to remove this effect. This is part of the duty to make 'reasonable adjustments'.

‘Reasonable adjustment’ also includes providing additional aids like induction loop systems, radio systems or infra-red systems. Service providers have to do this, even if it means making a permanent or physical change to their premises or fixtures and fittings.

If it is not reasonable to provide a permanent loop or infra-red system, then the service provider should provide a temporary system. These do not need any permanent physical changes.

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Areas covered for Induction Loop System Hire

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